A 37-year-old paraglider from New Zealand has survived an emergency landing unhurt on Sunday in the municipality of Untertilliach in East Tyrol. Police reported that the New Zealander had been in turbulence about 100 meters above the ground. It tore the left steering line and the paraglider folded. However, the pilot was able to pull the reserve screen in time.

The 37-year-old had started in Greifenburg in Carinthia as part of a route competition. In the Lienz Dolomites on the south side of the Eggenkofel the New Zealander got into turmoil and his paraglider turned several times. With the help of the reserve screen, the paraglider was able to land in a 40-degree steep and rocky terrain above a crag.

Hikers who had witnessed the emergency landing made an emergency call via acquaintances in the valley. 17 members of the mountain rescue Obertilliach and an alpine policeman moved out. Due to the extreme terrain, however, a police helicopter from Carinthia was requested. The New Zealander was finally salvaged unharmed by dew and brought by the mountain rescue in the valley.

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