With summer on the horizon (and Instagram stories calling), I begrudgingly pulled myself out of bed early one morning in May to get some exercise before work.

I stood before a stark white, freestanding boxing bag weighed down by hundreds of pounds of sand as Andre Huseman, a high-spirited personal trainer, greeted me. “Welcome back to FightCamp,” the jacked fitness professional said, and within seconds he was counting down, “3…2…1.”

Perplexed as I navigated the workout for my first time, I (along with a room full of boxing enthusiasts) followed Huseman’s two-minute warm-up involving jump ropes and torso twists to an uptempo soundtrack by the rapper Rich Homie Quan.

Only I wasn’t at a kickboxing facility. I was trying out FightCamp’s interactive home workout system, and the trainer and other boxers were built into the app.

Exhausted after using real-time punching metrics to reach ambitious intermediate-level goals, my first thought was, “Gee, how convenient.”

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