Some of Anheuser Busch’s messaging that Miller Lite and Coors Light contain corn syrup has been put on ice.

The company behind Bud Light will not be able to use two TV ads and two billboards following a ruling by a federal judge that said some of the beer maker’s wording could confuse customers in regard to the presence of corn syrup in light beers produced by rival Molson Coors Brewing Co.

However, Anheuser Busch says that an ad that kicked off the flap when it premiered to tens of millions of viewers during this year’s Super Bowl will be able to air again this week.

MillerCoors, Molson Coors’ U.S. arm has said that while corn syrup is used in its light beers, the sweetener is absorbed during the fermentation process and so is not present by the time customers pick a beer off of a store shelf, according to Reuters.

“Consumers would interpret advertising statements about ‘made with corn syrup’ or ‘brewed with corn syrup’ as corn syrup actually being in the final products,” Conley said in his ruling, Reuters says.

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