epa04831281 Frauke Petry (L), the newly elected chairwoman of the eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD) is cheered by supporters Konrad Adam (C) and Alexander Gauland (R) at the AfD party convention in Essen, Germany, 04 July 2015. AfD is holding their two-days party convention in Essen in the light of a row for the party's leadership between until now chairman Bernd Lucke and party conservative Petry, who received about 60 per cent of the votes of the delegates. EPA/FEDERICO GAMBARINI

AfD co-founder Konrad Adam accuses top politicians of his party the toleration and promotion of right-wing extremist tendencies.

Undoubtedly there are right-wing extremist tendencies in the AFD, especially noticeable where an attempt is made to place the Third Reich and its protagonists in a friendly light, “said Adam of the online edition of the German newspaper” Welt “from Sunday.” I understand not, as Federal Board members tolerate something like that or even promote by their own comments. “Specifically, the German politician criticized the party and parliamentary group leader Alexander Gauland, although he claims that he must hold the party together, but refrained from Gauland,” that it right-wing groups that can not be held together because they do not want it. They do not rely on cooperation, but on overpowering and their counterpart, on oppression.

In April 2013, Adam was elected as speaker alongside Bernd Lucke and Frauke Petry at the founding convention of the Alternative for Germany (AfD). Today he is honorary chairman of the party-affiliated Desiderius Erasmus Foundation.

In the world interview, he compared his current position with a wagon on the siding. Adam said he did not know what that honorary presidency meant. Erasmus was a European mind, and I wish something of that kind for this foundation; hopefully not in vain.

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