It wasn’t easy for Adam Sandler to sing about his boy Chris Farley on “SNL.”

Sandler kept it together during his emotional, acoustic ode to his late “SNL” cast mate. But he told “The Dan Patrick Show” on Tuesday how he struggled to get through the number, which chronicled their friendship.

Even the rehearsals were difficult.

“I had to mentally get ready, because when I was singing the Farley song in the studio in rehearsals, I kept getting really upset,” said Sandler, 52.

The giant screen featuring Farley, who died at age 33 in 1997, performing through the years was especially difficult for Sandler to see while he did the song.

“I couldn’t really sing it out loud. I was kind of mumbling it, because his image and stuff was making me off and upset,” Sandler said. “And I was like, ‘Oh man, I got to prepare for this for the show to try not to break down and be too nuts.’ “

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